03 October, 2007

A little about me...

Two posts in one day! Wow! I guess you can read about me, and then see pictures of me ;) I was tagged by Mari to do this here goes....

1) What I was doing 10 years ago: Good question!!! Let's see...I would have been almost 9 years, old, so that would be about 2nd or 3rd grade. So I was going to school everyday. I think those were also the years when I played on a soccer team.
2) 5 years ago: Ok, then I was 13... I think I was in 8th grade, so again, going to school all day. I was in Science Olympiad during the spring, so that occupied most of my free time. I was becoming more extroverted, and getting more involved in my church.
3) 1 year ago: I was enjoying my senior year of was probably my favorite year of school. I was getting closer to some of my younger friends, and getting to know them better. My relationships with some old friends were breaking up, and it was hard for me to get over those friends and move on. But I'm so thankful for my friends now. I was also leading cell group, which really grew in the past year, and I love everyone in the group!!!
4) Yesterday: I had school in the morning. Then I went home for less than an hour before heading to work. After work, I went home and did some homework, then I babysat for Brandon and Dawn's kids, while they played softball. When I got home, it was almost 10:30, so I went to bed.
5) 5 snacks I enjoy: Chocolate...Caramel Apples...Fruit Salad...Pleasuretura (Romanian cakes)...Brownies
6) 5 things I would do if I suddenly had $100 million: Buy plane tickets for me and everyone else who wanted to go to Romania, pay off our church's debt, pay off our house, buy Zack a truck that's reliable, give to Charities
7) 5 locations I would like to run away to: Romania, Italy, Greece, Alaska, Australia
8) 5 bad habits I have: getting mad at people who (in my opinion) are bad drivers, eating too much, eating junk food, talking instead of listening, forgetting to do what my mom tells me to do
9) 5 things I like doing: hanging out with my friends, being online, reading, listening to music, going for walks on the beach (seriously)
10) 5 TV shows I like: mm...this is hard, I don't really watch TV, but the shows I catch sometimes... Extreme Make-Over: Home Edition, Rachael Ray, House, Bones, Law and Order
11) 5 things I hate doing: cleaning my room, cleaning my bathroom, doing dishes, picking up dog poop, dusting
12) 5 biggest joys of the moment: Knowing that God has a plan for my life, Knowing that I get to go to youth group tonight, hanging out with my friends on my break, the sun is shining!, knowing that there are people who love me
5 people that I am tagging: (sorry if you've already been tagged, you don't have to do it!!!) Julie, Anna, Kaylyn, Jennifer, Brenda


  1. I've enjoyed reading this - It's fun to learn a little more about each other!

  2. I liked reading this, mari tagged me to but I really have to ponder it a bit..

  3. I couldn't help but laugh at the "buy Zack a reliable truck". That is hillarious!!

  4. It was fun to read about you. It seems like a lot of us have problems with other drivers on the road - we're probably all getting mad at each other!


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