10 January, 2008

The answers you've all been waiting for

Haha. Sure you have ;)
Anyway, there were a lot of great questions, so here are my answers to them!

Q: I would like to know what extra curricular activities (sports, clubs, etc.) you participated in during your middle school and high school years. -Jennifer
A: Well, I shall make you a list. Let me warn you, it's a little long :)
6th grade- church stuff (Youth Group, Library, YC&W, Nursery {this is basically the same all years)
7th grade- Science Olympiad, Drama, Spyrogyra, church stuff
8th grade- Science Olympiad, Drama, Spyrogyra, church stuff
9th grade- Science Olympiad, Drama, Marching Band, Color Guard, Track!, church stuff
10th grade- Science Olympiad, Marching Band, Color Guard, National Honor Society, church stuff,
11th grade- Science Olympiad, Drama, Marching Band, Color Guard, National Honor Society, church stuff, started working part time, planning a mission trip
12th grade- Science Olympiad, Marching Band (president), Color Guard, National Honor Society (Committee chair and Secretary), Track!!, DECA, church stuff, still working, planning a mission trip
Whew! That's a lot more than I thought! I was crazy! :)

Q: I would like to know how old you were and the circumstances surrounding your coming to faith in Christ? -Cheryl
A: This was a two-fold journey for me. My mom used to work for our old church, and often I would go to work with her. I remember one day sneaking into the sanctuary and praying in there that Jesus would come into my heart. I believe I was 5 maybe 6. Then I went to summer camp at Camp Geneva, I think in 4th or 5th grade. We had an amazing night of worship and prayer and it suddenly hit me that I said I was a Christian, but had I really surrendered and truely given my life to Christ? I didn't think so, and we had an opportunity to talk to our counselor. I remember sitting outside on a towel with her, unable to stop crying, and this change happened and I recommitted my life to Christ.

Q: What are your favorite things to do in your "spare" time? -Laura
A: I'm glad you used the quotes!!! Spare time isn't something that I have much of, but when I do have it, I love to spend time with my friends, read, cook, bake, and watch movies!

Q: What is your favorite memory from all of your mission trips? I know, hard to pick just one, but.... -Nate
A: I'm going to cheat on this one. First I'm going to do my favorite of all the trips. Then my favorite from each trip. Nate, you know how hard it is to choose! (I'll warn you though, it's difficult for me to put it into words, so picture what I type with 1000 times more enthusiasm!)
All trips: My first year, the Romanian teenagers planned a day out for us. First we went to the salt mine, then the salt lakes, and then the underwater village. We also did some shopping at Gyspy "flea markets". I loved the entire day, every single minute of it, but my most favorite part was in the salt mine, there was a cathedral type area. We all stood there and sang songs, praising God in both Romanian and English. It was amazing!
2004: My favorite part was when my Romanian friends came over in the evenings and we would go for walks, play sports at the park, hang out and teach each other "country-unique" games, talk, eat, sing, and pray.
2005: I was on my own this year, which made every minute unique. I went to a village, Agarbiciu and they said we would go on a picnic. We ended up hiking about 1.5 hours up a mountain to the picnic spot (the hike itself was a blast!). The kids were amazing! We played games, I tried authentic Romanian foods (delicious!), sang songs, and had an incredible time!
2007: Choosing a favorite is so hard! But I would say it would be when we went to Axente Sever. The kids were so loving and attentive, and they just wanted attention. They wanted hugs and to hold hands, and play was an amazing day.

Q: If you could visit anywhere in the world besides Romania- where would it be? -Cheri
A: Hands down, I would visit Haiti. I have heard so much about it, and with some of my closest friends getting to go there this summer... I think God might be telling me to expand my horizons to go to Haiti as well! ( more person for next summer Nate!)

Q: What us your favoirite class in college and why? -Mari
A: Yay! An easy question! My favorite class is Spanish, because I love learning languages, and I had a wonderful professor. It's always been one of my favorite classes, and I was so glad to get to take it this year! I'm really sad that I'm not taking Spanish this semester!

Q: What are you majoring in and what are your plans after college? -Diane
A: I am majoring in Business Administration. Other than mission work, after college (just 3 more semesters!) I hope to do something in the Hotel/Restaurant/Hospitality industry. I'm not sure what just yet. I've toyed with the idea of hotel management...or running a restaurant...or...well, the possibilities are endless, we'll see how God leads me!

Wow! That was really fun to do! I hope that you have learned something about me, and if you think of another question, feel free to ask! :)


  1. How cool, I have the same Camp Geneva experience. I thnik it was 5th grade for me. I remember the uncontrollable crying and asking the counsler why this was happening. She told me it was just all the emotions. I know now it was the Holy Spirit. How very cool!
    BTW-I also noticed that you only have 6 goals so I will add 7 and 8 for ya....
    7. Live with Kaylyn and Libby over for a week this summer (preferably June 21-25)
    8. Teach the Hill girls how to cook a full course meal for their parents anniversary (July 14)

    Don't you love having me set your goals?!?!? LOL!!!!!!!!!


  2. Melissa, That was a fun way to get to know you a little better.Neat idea!!See-ya soon,Patty

  3. That was really cool Melissa - I think I know you a lot better now! You were definitely a busy girl in high school!

  4. That was a good idea - I think I know you pretty well, but now I know more. I do think you were crazy busy in high school!

  5. That was great! Some of that I knew before but a lot of it was news to me!! Thanks for doing that. Oh yeah, about going to Haiti next summer - DO NOT TEASE ME WITH THAT!! You better plan on it now!!! I think I told Nate to keep me in a permanent slot for VBS trips! It would be great to have you along!!

  6. Melissa, I thoroughly enjoyed reading all about your life. Thanks for taking the time to share it with us.


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