21 January, 2008

The breaking point

So today, I wore a black sweater with a long pink striped tank top underneath. My mom asked me if I thought it looked good. Yeah, I said, this is pretty much what's in style right now. So I go to the fridge and bend down to get some chocolate frosting to put on graham crackers. Suddenly... Are you getting love handles? NO!!! What? Hold up...wait a minute! I bend down to get something and you ask me if I getting fat around the hips? Woah!!! Thanks a lot! Of course my excuse was I belted my pants too tight (and my tank top was a little tighter than how I usually wear them, which of course shows off more...) So I take my two graham crackers and retreat to my room to drown myself in misery (kidding!) I take a look in the mirror. What is that? That extra weight wasn't there last I noticed! AHHHHHH!!

So I decided that
this has to go. Now let me explain. After Halloween, I ended up with some left over candy from church. Then after Christmas, I bought some of that assorted candy when it was 50% off. Plus there's some chocolate bars from Romania.... The pile has just grown. But the problem is, now, the shoebox of junk food is under my desk. Where I spend most of my waking hours on my computer. At my desk.

Well, I have realized lately that I have hit my point of weighing the most that I ever have. I know weight doesn't really matter, because muscle weighs more than fat, and I will say that I have very muscular legs. (And this is not a post about being fat, or overweight!) I have allowed myself to get out of shape since track season. Obviously, this wasn't a conscious thing. Hmmm...let's see how little exercise I can do, and how much weight I can gain... Not at all, things just happened. During the time period from late February to the end of May, I was running every day, lifting weights, and throwing discus and shotput. And, I loved every minute of it. However, I don't have the time. Which creates my dilemma of being out of shape and apparently having love handles!!! (Screaming in terror of the thought and sight!) Which means that I have to do something about it.<

So here is my proposal. I would dare say that the majority of my fellow bloggers have made it a "New Years Resolution" (who keeps those anyway?) to either lose some extra weight or just get into better shape. My best motivator is currently in Spain, meaning that I have lost my exercise buddy. So my first proposal is this: If you live in A-town and would like someone to work out with, please let me know. I know that a gym membership is expensive, but the roads are free. And they're open 24/7 to run on. I don't really have weights to use (though carrying a 50lb backpack is quite the workout!), but we can get creative. So if anyone is like me, and needs to have a partner in order to get (and stay) motivated, please let me know! Second: I find that if I am accountable to someone (or multiple someones) I have a better chance of success. So anyone who would care to join me in this endeavor is welcome to. I will try to post once a week or so about my progress, how I'm doing as far as healthy eating, and keeping up an exercise routine. I hope that others will join me, and maybe we can all motivate eachother. Hmmm...we should come up with a name for ourselves....

But okay, now that I've rambled on enough, I think I'm going to hit the sack. They say that the best thing you can do for your body is to get enough sleep. And I've been up since 5:45 this morning, then school, homework, church meeting, more homework, blogging, more homework, more blogging :), I think it's time for this chick to go to bed!


  1. Notice the time! Anyway I don't run, but walk with my hubby, but I love the idea of being accountable. This is a hard issue for me as I know it is with alot of people. Thanks for posting about it!

  2. Those pounds can sneak on when no one is looking. While I was taking cancer meds (tamoxifen) they really made me gain weight.

    Now the weight if dropping off and I haven't even gone on a diet. I have lost 30 pounds in two years. I just cannot eat in the evening so that eliminates supper.

    I am sitting here at 7:58 AM eating meatballs for breakfast. I made them for supper last night, but cannot eat in the evening so I kept them for breakfast. I may pay for this! I usually have eggs for breakfast.

    Anyhoo, the best way to lose weight is exercise so I hope that you can find a running buddy.

  3. Oh girl, if you can find a time when we both can go together I am SOOOO there, I have been looking on craigslist for a treadmill, only because I don't want to run alone :)

  4. Melissa - I think it's a good sign that you actually still have all that candy - mine would never, ever last that long. As soon as it's in eyesight - it's in my tummy.

    I have such a weird schedule that I'm always sneaking in exercise when I can - I wish I could set a good routine.

  5. What is wrong with your mom and Zack's dad? Mark says the same thing to Zack. At least I can say to Mark, "look whose talking" you can't really say that to your mom 'cause she is just as thin as you which leads me to my next question. What on earth was she looking at? I would be happy to hear that you dumped all that sugar 'cause I think sugar is horrible for you. I know it slows down my metabolism like crazy. Anyway, good luck on your exercising! You know how much I love that stuff. Yuck! So set up those habits now and maybe you won't have my hate of it when you are my age.

  6. You know that I would love to exercise with you if we can set up a time to work out together!

  7. I really need a running/walking partner --- would you consider a move to Tennessee? I am with you on the weight (although I am sure that you need to lose alot less than the 20 lbs I need to). I am impressed that you still have candy left from Halloween - I get my kids bags and eat their candy while they are in bed. Sad, but true --- I need help! ;-)

  8. I'm working on it too. Mark and I just said last night that spring will be nice so we can walk outside again.
    Good luck!!

  9. I'll work out with you! I miss our work out sessions! I'm getting married this summer and would like to look good in a wedding dress... =) However, I don't run unless I'm being chased. lol My knee just won't let me run for long periods of time. I love to walk though!


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