20 January, 2008

The Key to My Heart

I was watching American Idol earlier this week, and there was a feature about a boy that really struck my attention. I think AI's goal was more to poke fun at this guy, but I thought his intentions were pretty neat. I did some "research" online to find out more about the story, so here it is. His name's Bruce Dickson, and he's a 19 year old guy and he's never kissed a girl (hmmm maybe it stuck me, because I'm the same...except I'm a girl :) ) Anyway, when he was about 13 years old, his dad gave him a necklace. Bruce has the key and his dad has the heart, and the key fits perfectly into the heart. The point is that Bruce will save himself for that one special girl and when he gets married, his dad will give the heart to him, so he will hold the key to his wife's heart. It kind of makes me wonder if he's ever had a girlfriend and how she felt about his convictions...but that's just me and my random mind. I thought the whole story was really neat, and some of the stuff I found online says that Bruce was raised in a Christian home and has really great morals. Not really something you hear about every day on TV. Here's the clip I found online....

This whole thing also makes me wonder if any of you waited until your wedding day for your first kiss? Or did you wish you would have?
To me, that seems a bit extravagent, I don't know if I want to wait that long! Although, I have waited 19 years, so we'll see ;)


  1. Who boy that's a loaded question! I have much to say about this issue, but commenting probably isn't the best place for it. Suffice it to say, I wish I could change alot of things about my past, even still knowing God can use my mistakes to help others. I would love to talk to you and encourage you to continue to follow God and His leading. In that there are not mistakes. I would love to talk to girls your age and younger about the importance of purity. Anytime, any place!

  2. First, I have to say that I am impressed that he was willing to speak about this on national tv, knowing how Hollywood treats people with standards like this, not to mention his peers.
    Yes - I did kiss before I was married and I don't think there is a problem with that. The problem is where it may lead. Like Kim says, purity is important, as is following God and what he leads you to do. You don't what to go where He instructs you not to be, and you don't want to do womething you will regret later.

  3. Hey! Found your blog through Jennifer Partin's. I saw this guy too and I was impressed. I have to say that I didnt wait til we were married to kiss my husband, but I wish I had. I think a good question to ask yourself is: If I engage in a passionate kiss with this person, where is it leading me directionally? A passionate kiss directionally leads to something more 'in depth'. Wouldnt it be awesome for your first 'real' kiss to be on your wedding night? I think it would be such a special gift to both you and your husband....just my opinion - hope you dont mind me commenting!

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog today. This post of yours again, shows what a special young lady you are!

    I did not see this program and I didn't take the time to download this,(because it takes so long and I didn't have time today) and I didn't get his name but there is a Jason somethingorother who has written a a book on this subject and has been on Dobson a few times.

    I think it would be fine not kiss before marriage, but I don't think it is a sin either. The other stuff is what people regret.

  5. I was so disappointed about the last comment Ryan S. said about him. "Maybe he'll come back next season less as a boy and more as a man." I think his self discipline proves he is more of a man than any of the other men in that clip.
    As far as kissing I think it is like what one of the other comments brought up, where does it lead to. I don't think it is wrong to kiss outside of marriage but there is probably a limit to how passionate of kissing before marriage.

  6. I'm with Kim, I too have a lot to say on this issue and I'm so glad that you are taking the high road. It is not popular or easy. It's too bad that AI chose to cast this guy in the light that they did. I personally thought he was very "shiny" even though he never mentioned God.

  7. I loved that guy. I think the reason he didn't get through was because of his morals. The judges just couldn't believe that he never kissed anyone before.
    I'll say ditto to the others - the problem comes as to where it will lead, but kissing in itself, I don't think is wrong.

  8. I agree with all above - purity is SO SO important. I had at one time said that I would like to wait until marriage to kiss - well, I met Aaron and that all kind of went out the window. I don't want this to get to long, but long story short, I used to be so sad and upset to never have been on a date or have a boyfriend, but now I am so glad that Aaron is the only guy who I ever went on a date with, ever held hands with, ever kissed etc. I am so glad that I have no memories of doing anything with any other guy.

    I have told Heather and also my younger cousins tons of times - make sure he is the one that you want to remember having your first kiss with!! If not - then don't do it! I am so glad that I don't have to remember giving my first kiss - or anything else - to anyone but my husband.

    As far as waiting until marriage - I'm glad we didn't because I think I would have been petrified to have our first kiss be in front of all our friends and family. My advice - wait until you know he's the one for sure so you won't ever have to give any memories to any other guys.

    Sorry that got so long! Just my opinion on the subject. And I agree with Kim - I would love to talk to younger girls about this subject because I feel it is so incredibly important for girls to keep their purity. More important than I ever knew it was when I was young!

  9. Just wanted to put the word out there that Bruce Dickson, the young man saving himself for marriage at the Dallas American Idol Audition, is still actively pursueing his singing career even if the judges didn't put him through to Hollywood. He just release his first single which you can download from his website, Thanks so much for supporting Bruce!! :)


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