03 January, 2008


When I got up this morning, one of the first things that I thought of was "hmmm...I haven't baked anything in a while, I should make supper tonight." Ok, probably not the most common thing to think of when you first wake up in the morning. I had plans to go out for brunch with some friends, but other than that, my day was free, so I figured I'd make supper since my mom had to work today. So I head downstairs and find a note, "Melissa, Plans for supper: Leftovers." Ewww!!! How boring! Here I was planning on making something good, just to find out that we're going to have old leftovers! So I went along with my mom's plan, because I know she would be mad if I made something new when she already had plans. We had ordered some Chinese on New Years, so we planned on eating that. Then my brother decided to have it for lunch, even though it was clearly labeled with mine and my dad's names! Brothers!! :) But anyway, I decided if we had to have boring old leftovers, we might as well have something yummy for dessert. One of my favorite desserts to make is crepes. I've been making them for a really long time, but today I decided to make something new using the crepes. I haven't decided what to call it yet, but basically it's crepes stacked on top of each other with (homemade) blueberry sauce and whipped cream on every other layer. Here's how it looked...

From the top

A side view

Once we cut it, we could really see the layers!

It reminded me of some pretty earrings my friend Kaylyn picked out for me!


  1. Yum- I love crepes- I make them in the morning for breakfast sometimes with cream cheese and sugar and cinnamon- delicious!

  2. That looks yummy. I think you need to start motivating my girls to cook.

  3. O.K., I seriously need a piece of that! That looks ssssoooo yummy!!!

  4. That looks good! I like the earrings too!

  5. Could I ever have used you today at my house! I was planning for our son, Chad, to make dinner tonight but he was called into work at noon.

    Okay, so I thought, I'll just put in a Turkey TV dinner for my husband because I do not eat supper. Near supper time I went to the freezer and there was NO TURKEY DINNER! Arafff!

    Yesterday I had bought one of those buy one get one free pizzas so I popped one of them in the oven after adding chopped onion, green olives, oregano and red pepper flakes! SIGH! I didn't eat a piece so maybe I will taste it for breakfast!

    I need a cook around here!Yes, I could have used some of those yummy looking crepes and BLUEBERRIES are my favorite! SCREAM!

  6. Melissa - you are so brave and creative - I never think of new recipes on my own. I always just make the simple boring things. I might need some lessons from you!

  7. Looks good - I'm hungry. Any left?

    I'm visiting the blogs of people and inviting them to the little give-away I am having to celebrate my first annivesary. No gimicks - just fun. I'm hoping you'll sign up.

  8. You are so creative, looks good & I bet it was...I don't think I have ever had crepes... You will have to bring them sometime to one of the potlucks at work..


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