07 January, 2008

Cran Hill Ranch

This weekend I went up to Cran Hill Ranch with the middle school youth group from church. I wasn't sure what to expect, and it was a little strange for me to be going as a leader when I'm used to going as a student the past 7 years! But it turned out to be a great weekend! We left around 5:30 Friday evening. When we got to the ranch, we unpacked and then met for our first large group meeting. The topic for the weekend was "God made you for this". We discussed how we're all made for a purpose and what we're here on earth for. Then we did a small group response and then free time until bed time.
Saturday morning, we had a personal quiet time. This was interesting, because quiet for middle school girls is different for quiet for adults! :) Then we went to the work project. We had 3 groups. Mine was assigned to move firewood. We had to separate it, move it, stack it, carry it, etc. The other two groups did scrap metal and moving the woodshop to a new location. I didn't take any pictures of the work for fear of damaging my camera. We worked before lunch and after lunch. About 5 hours or so, which was long enough to be cold and tired and a bit sore. Then we had a long free time. Some went tubing, some slept, some played games and just hung out. I was in the latter group :) After dinner, we had another large group meeting and talked about how we are made to serve. We had a time of Servant Commissioning, washing of feet, which was a neat experience. Then we had free time until bed time. It was neat for me because some of the girls wanted me to hang out with them during free time. We painted nails, sat on Kaylyn's bunk for "girly talk" and had a great time. The highlight was getting attacked by silly string, but I'll let Tori or Anna tell you about that! Bed time was a different story though. The girls told a scary story after I had left the room. Then when they found out that the doors didn't lock, they got scared. So they asked if I would sleep in their room that night, instead of with Patty and Jennifer. I said sure. So I moved in there. We said a quick prayer and went to bed. 2 seconds after laying down, I heard "Melissa, I'm still scared" So I crawled up into her bunk, turns out she was homesick, so we talked for a while, and I went back to bed. A few minutes later another girl was scared. So she went to sleep with a friend, and I crawled up there too to comfort them. I guess we learned not to tell scary stories any more!!
Sunday morning we had our last large group time. We talked about ways to live out God's plan and ways to serve Him. We kicked off the fundraising for 30 Hour Famine (details coming another day). We also had a personal quiet time and then packed up and cleaned the cabin. That being done, we had some time before lunch so we played some games. After lunch, we headed home. It was a great weekend but it sure wore us out!!!
I let Kaylyn use my camera...but I'll spare Jennifer the embarassment by not putting most of the pictures up! :)

Drying our clothes by the fireplace

Breakfast group


Some of the adults

More people eating


  1. Those times at Cran Hill were always great - although we were pretty tired when we came home. Where were you staying? It doesn't look like the building we used to stay in.

  2. It doesn't sound as though you got a lot of sleep while you were there. I bet you had a lot of fun!

  3. Thank you for not sharing the photos from Kaylyn. The child worries me.

  4. don't worry, i'll be good. My spring break is march 15-23 but you can come the first week of march too. i only have school part of the day and there is a lot more time. But i only have a single bed so i don't know where you would sleep. It would be the best if you came. I would be soooo happy.

  5. Looks like a great time! I have a lot of good memories from going there when I was young! And I'm sure you're a great leader. :)

  6. That Was SOOOOOOOOO fun until the scary stories part though.
    thanks for comin'!

    Grace J


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