16 January, 2008

It's a good day...

...the sun is shining, what more could you want? Okay, maybe the sun doesn't make everything good, but it sure helps. Today was a great day though. School was good, met some new people, made some new connections, all in all productive I suppose. But....I got my car back today!!! Yay! It runs like a charm now! I'm so so so so so happy to have it back! The guy at the garage said it's a miracle it's been running for the past 9 months to 1 year! That was a bit scary to hear... he said that the computer was totally corroded and the wires connecting things could be removed just by touching them...not good! Which makes me wonder...I've had my car looked at and oil changes done in the past year, shouldn't someone have noticed something was wrong? Oh well, Someone was looking out for me, and my car survived and so did I! But I'm so thankful to have it back! Youth group was so fun tonight too! We played "honey if you love me will you please please smile?" Always a blast!!! We had a good discussion, though a bit distracted by the throwing of candy hearts :), then afterward Anna decided to throw a candy heart down my shirt, which led to a nice little chase around her car and such. Jennifer, I hope you got her back for me! :) Ahh yes, friends make every day good!


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  2. It's been too long coming, but it's a hppy day. Yeah!

  3. I'm so glad you have your car back! That's a relief!

  4. I hope you went and gave Cherdecor a hard time for her post. Tell her if she wants to talk to Heather she will have to go to Heather's site. Chuckles.
    I did get Anna back for you. Because that is just the kind of fun mom I am.
    Was the sun really shining at almost mid-night. I was sleeping so I guess you could be right. I didn't know the sun comes back out in the middle of the night like that. I have been missing out.

  5. Glad your car is back. Great feeling.
    Sunshine on a cold winters day - priceless!

  6. Sorry, my daughter's name is Heather. That is what I get for posting after 10 PM


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