31 January, 2008

Here we go again....

Oh. My. Word. I am so frustrated right now.

So, I'm leaving school at 11 and I called Julie to see if I can come say hi to Adam. She says sure, so I head to my car. Well, I get there and my key won't turn in the lock.'s frozen, I'll just figure out how to unfreeze it. I called Heather after trying for about 10 minutes, because I needed to talk to someone a little more calm than me. She recommended that I call the car place (groan), so I did. Here's the advice he gave me for fixing a frozen lock...pour hot water on it (I'm at school, no hot water here), use a blowdryer (again, I'm at school!), pour silicon in it (I would if I could get to the windshield de-icer that is IN MY LOCKED CAR!!!), or use a lighter to heat the key and stick it in the lock. So I headed in search of a person with a lighter. Julie called again to say that she had to run out for a minute, and to double check what time I'd be coming. I told her my situation and she said she'd call back in a while to see if I got it fixed.

By this time I'm freezing, and really upset. I went into the school to buy a cappicuino, thinking it was as close to hot water as I'm going to get. Then I realized it would be kind of stupid to pour something potentially sticky into my car locks. Duh. So I stuck my key in the burning hot drink, let it warm up, and then tried it in the lock. No luck. But the drink did warm me up. When I had got up to my car, I noticed a blazer sitting beside me and the driver still in it. He got out and I asked him if he had any de-icer or a lighter. He had a lighter so we tried it three times. I was ready to give up. He started to walk away, but came back and gave me his lighter so I could keep trying.

Julie called again. She offered to come out and help me out, and buy some lock de-icer on the way. Both my parents were at work, and so of course I took her up on the offer. I went inside the school to stay warm. My feet were so cold, I couldn't feel them. Well, after trying at 5 stores to buy de-icer (hello? we live in Michigan!!!), Julie came. We tried the de-icer, but nothing worked. So I ended up going home with her. This was one of the two highlights of the day. I had a good afternoon with her and the kids.

At 3:30, my dad got out of work and came to get me from Julie's. He said he didn't think my lock was frozen, because the de-icer would have fixed it. But we went back downtown anyway. Of course, the lock didn't work. The second highlight of the day was that when I got out of my dad's car, I found $16 laying on the ground outside my door (there were no other cars near where we had parked). The driver's side lock hasn't worked since I bought the car, so I never bothered to try it. We tried multiple times. Then we tried kicking my back seat down from inside the trunk. This would have worked, except for that when the exchange students were here this summer, something happened and my seat hasn't gone down since then. By the way, lying in a trunk is a really creepy feeling!!! I couldn't kick it down, and my dad tried and he couldn't. So then he tried kicking the door lock area, maybe something would jiggle loose. No luck. Nothing we could do, so my car is still sitting in the parking garage at school.

Tomorrow, I'm going to have to call a locksmith and take the bus to meet him at the garage. Hopefully this will work. Dad said that it might be a problem with the electric stuff in my car, and that we should just try to sell it. I should probably relinquish my attachment to "the green ghost", but I really like this car because it's got everything I wanted, and it's going to be hard to find something "worthy" to replace it. Plus, I just put $872.40 into fixing it!!!!!!!!


  1. Melissa, sorry to hear about your car! That would be quite the downer! Hope things go better tomorrow!

  2. Hey, Sorry to hear that you couldn't get in yet...I had a fun afternoon today too. Ruby is walking around talking about you all afternoon and evening. Except it isn't just Melissa, it is Melissa & your last name. And she ripped off all the pictures on the fridge that she made for me and now they are in my purse and I have to give them to Melissa on church on Sunday and tell her that they are from Ruby. Hope it goes better for you tomorrow. :)

  3. hello... we live in Michigan... that's WHY you Julie had a hard time finding any de-icer!! :) You did see the weather outside yesterday, right??

  4. So sorry to hear about your continued car woes! I think dad may be right...time to sell! Detaching from a vehicle isn't always easy. I just let go of Daddy's car today.:( Tyler always told me not to form attachments to my cars! I know he was right!

  5. Argh! How frustrating. I think I would have been ready to kick in window. I hope tomorrow goes better.

  6. Sorry, Melissa, but I had to giggle as I read this. . . just picturing you putting your finger in that HOT drink and waiting for your FINGER to warm up then putting it on your COLD car. It is a wonder you didn't stick to it!

    Then visualizing you in your trunk kicking and screaming! Ha! Ha!

    Some days are like that and then they get worse!

    Sorry I had to giggle and I KNOW that it wasn't funny at the time with your feet all frozen and everything. You know, you really should move to Lancaster, PA. It was warm and sunny today and I walked around the block two times in order to get some exercise.

    But at 3 AM, LOOK OUT! A sleet storm is coming through. I hope that the lock on my van doesn't freeze or you will be laughing at me! :(

  7. Oh No! I can't believe this is happening again. I think your Dad is right.

  8. I have a feeling that the repair will cost $16.00. Whata think? Sorry you had a bad bad day. Hey I tried your french fries recipe.Tasty!!!!See-ya,Patty

  9. Oh Melissa, Melissa, Melissa... what are we going to do with you and your car?

    I remember have problems like that with my first car too 'The Blue Racer'. I used to have to rev it at the stop lights so it wouldn't stall and everyone thought I was trying to be cool in my rusty old car.

    Another time a large semi carrying trusses for houses swung around the corner and took out my whole back window and I had to drive down the road chasing him. After that I had to tape plastic up on my back window and it would always inflate and then blow off.

    Or there was the time a mouse nest in my engine caught fire and the whole inside of my car filled with smoke.

    Cars are just wonderful things aren't they?!?


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