07 January, 2008

Not what I need right now!!!

It started about 2 months ago. I got into my car one day to leave school, and it wouldn't start. A lovely red light came on "Theft System" it said. So I called my dad, and took the bus home. After doing some research online, I found out that this system could be overridden by putting the key in the ignition and leaving it in the start position for 10 minutes. This way, the system could be recoded and the car would recognize they key. So I went back downtown, and it started right away. Go figure. Assuming the problem was fixed I continued to drive my car. The same thing happened again about 5 days later. So I did the key thing, and it was fixed. It happened maybe 2 or 3 more times. Then on Wednesday, I was getting ready to go to Alecia's and it happened again. This time my car didn't start after 10 minutes. I tried again and again. After 50 minutes, it still didn't start. When my dad got home, he tried it, and after 10 minutes it started. Grrrr... On Friday I was headed to school to coach Science Olympiad. On the way, I stopped to get a steamer. When I went back out to my car, the stupid light came back on and the car wouldn't start. After 50 minutes of frustration, my friend came and picked me up. Thank goodness for cell phones!! I went to try it again before I left for the weekend, no luck. So my mom tried it Friday and Saturday, as it sat in the Beans to Brew parking lot. Nothing. On Sunday, my dad talked to someone at church who happened to know how to hotwire my car! So they drove it down to the garage, where it sat until today. Then this morning I got a call saying that there are parts in the steering column that are broken. Just peachy. Sounds kind of dangerous doesn't it? So when my dad gets home, he will go get a used on from some auto parts store for only $60. Not too bad, and then hopefully they can fix it. But for now...I'm stuck at home. Thankfully I didn't have school or work today! I guess that's giving me time to "revamp" my room. Haha.

4:02PM UPDATE: Just found out that the steering column I need is still in the other car, so I can't get it until tomorrow afternoon. So until then, I am without transportation. Hopefully they can fix it tomorrow, and I'll be back on the road Wednesday!


  1. I hope that your car is fixed soon. That can be such a headache. I think we need to see some pictures of a "new room" look.

  2. melissa you really should come visit me. I do have alexandra and her friend flavia but i am so scared of the other people in my apartment. Its like when i'm with ale, everything is normal. She has the same lifestyle as I do. But in my apartment, the people are kind of crass and loud and I am just not used to that. People keep telling me to just try and make friends, but why should I when I know that I could never be friends with them. I can't have a realtionship with someone when i have nothing in common with them. Anyways, Ale said that anca lives in barcelona so we are going to visit her soon. I can't wait for that. She also said that dorina lives in spain too. Well I'll talk to you soon ok?

  3. I hate car problems! They mess up our finely tuned schedules and budgets! If you need a ride somewhere, you can call me or Heather!

  4. Oh I hate car problems. It is so inconvenient. On the up side- $60 for a car repair is great- that never happens!!

  5. I hope that your car gets fixed tomorrow because classes are starting this week, right? Yeah, sixty dollars isn't too bad!

    As Jennifer said, how about some pictures of your room! Why do all that work when no one sees it? (I mean, other than your mother, I know she appreciates it.)

  6. pictures will arrive the end of this week. when the revamp is over. i'm currently searching for "before" pictures. i know i've taken some, it's just a matter of finding them!

  7. Ugghh. Aren't car problems just the worst! Hope things get fixed for you really soon!


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