12 January, 2008

My "revamped" room!

Last week one of my friends made a comment (out of love I'm sure!) about my room. And I agreed, it was about time to do something about it! It looked like at 12 year old's room. With good reason though, as I was 11 or 12 when we moved in here. There were hippie flowers and butterfly decals all over the walls. Porcelain dolls staring at me watching every move I made and overall it was kind of immature looking. Not to mention, it was in need of a serious cleaning. So because I had the week off from school, I decided to tackle this mess. My only regret is that I didn't take "before" pictures, so you can't see the disaster it was! However, I'm sure if you use your imagination you can picture how bad it was...piles of stuff everywhere. Along the walls, in the corners, just piles. Most of which I threw away! It feels good to have a clean room now, we'll see how long it can last!!!

Bad picture...I guess I used to like wearing my brother's clothes? Anyway, this is just to show the butterflies, flowers, and dolls (the doll and crib were long gone before this week!)

About to enter my room

As soon as you walk in, this is what you see, to the left

Going around the room in a circle, next is my bed. Usually it's folded down to a bed, but I put it up to a couch today


Dormer window "box"
It looks a little crowded, but it's not so bad

Here's a closer look in the "box"

My window seat and window

Photo wall...keyboard...

The last wall of my room

This is one of my favorite parts of my room. With only 6 exceptions, everything here is from Romania. The others are also from other countries or states though.

My other favorite part, and current project. My goal is to cover this wall in pictures!


  1. What an accomplishment! It looks good - I wish I had a few before shots to compare with, but I'm taking your word for it!

  2. Melissa,Your room looks great! Ya know your room looks a lot like mine when I was growing up.Not with the things you have but the room shape. My room was upstairs too and we had the sloped walls. Do you hit your head sometimes too?See-ya soon,Patty

  3. i tagged you too. get to it. :) <3 !

  4. darn, the heart didnt work. i dont know how to do it on here.

  5. Melissa, your room looks great! Do you play your keyboard? Do you watch your neighbors with your telescope? Tsk! Tsk! Just teasing! But do you look at the stars with it? What interesting things have you seen?

    I love, love, love your picture wall. I can tell that your friends mean a lot to you. I like that about you, dear friend!

    I imagine that having a clean and well organized room really makes you feel like tackling other big issues in life. . like homework!
    I am the type person that I cannot sit down to sew if my house is a mess. I have to get things cleaned up before I tackle other projects. It just messes with my mind and emotions if I don't.

    Well, you did a great job on your room, and it no longer looks elementary or juvenile. I hope you didn't throw out your dolls though.

  6. Looks great! Now if Tori and I could just get her room finished... again! We just did hers about 2-3 years ago and she wants it changed again. We have 2 out of 4 walls repainted so we just have to make time for it!

  7. Hey I seen Zack on your wall. Of all kids to comment on someone else room, oh my goodness. I just may post pictures of his room as payback.
    I also saw something on your dresser that you gave Libby today at church. Guess what she did when she got home? Took a shower. Before we even ate lunch. Isn't that funny. What a great motivator you are. She tells me that you gave her a month long challenge.
    Do you play the piano? I don't think I remember that.
    Great job on your room.

  8. Meissa,

    Looks great!!! Want to come redo my room! LOL

  9. It looks good! I like the picture wall - that will look really cool. Isn't it nice to get a fresh start sometimes?


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