01 January, 2008

Blogging Christmas Celebration

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This is a really neat idea that Laura came up with. Everyday in December, she will post a new "Christmas Favorite". Then those of us participating will post our "Christmas Favorite" that falls into that category. If you miss a day, just make it up next time you log in. For more details, you can visit her site. If you want to play along, you can make a "sticky post" to stay at the top, or post it in your sidebar. Link to the button (above) so new people can join in the game. This will be a really fun way to learn more about our blogging friends. Have fun and Merry CHRISTmas!!

Dec 1- Favorite Christmas Song: Well, that depends...out of the ones they play on the radio, probably A Prayer for Every Year, for carols or ones we sing at church, Go Tell It On The Mountain, Silent Night, or Do You Hear What I Hear? There's just so many to choose from, and this said pick your favorite, so I tried to narrow it down! :)

Dec 2- Favorite Christmas flower or plant- Mistletoe...haha! Just kidding. I think I'll pick Holly.

Dec 3- Favorite Christmas smell- That's an easy one for me!! The smell of homemade sugar cookies and other Christmas treats!

Dec 4- Favorite Christmas decoration- The St. Nicholas Square Villages that my mom and I set up all over our house every year.

Dec 5- Favorite Christmas color- Hmmm...this is a hard one for me, I have to narrow it down to one? I guess I would say a shimmery red.

Dec 6- Favorite Christmas drink- I'm not sure if this is really a Christmas drink, but Hot Apple Cider. With a cinnamon stick in it.... mmmmmm.... I love the smell of it, because we let it simmer on the stove with cinnamon sticks in it. It's perfect on a cold winter day!

Dec 7- Favorite Christmas movie- This one's easy for me! Mary Christmas It's a made-for-TV movie. Otherwise for "real" movies, I like comical ones like, National Lampoon's Family Christmas or the Grinch...

Dec 8- Favorite of Santa's Reindeer- Rudolph. Because he found out that what he always thought was a flaw, was actually a blessing!

Dec 9- Favorite Christmas Candy- Rock candy! The first time I ever made it, it didn't harden, so I was left with a bowl of flavored goo. I tried it again last year, and it turn out! It's such a sweet treat, and you can make different colors, so it's quite festive!

Dec 10- Favorite Christmas quote or saying- "I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year." and also "God bless us every one!" ~Charles Dickens, from A Christmas Carol

Dec 11- Favorite Christmas ornament- A small house that has a hole in the bottom for a light to go through. It looks so pretty on the tree!

Dec 12- Favorite Christmas cookie- Pecan snowballs

Dec 13- Favorite Decorating style- Traditional? I guess I've never really paid attention. I like green, red, snowman, Nativity sets, trees...

Dec 14- Favorite Christmas animal/creature- Reindeer

Dec 15- Favorite Christmas store- Bronner's

Dec 16- Favorite Christmas gift ever received- This is really hard. I honestly can't pick out a gift that I could say is my favorite. I think about it some more, and if I come up with one, I'll post it...

Dec 17- Favorite Christmas gift ever given- 3 years ago, I bought a leather office chair for my parents. They totally did not expect it, and it was something they really needed. The look on their faces when they unwrapped the box was priceless! It's gotten a lot of good use since then.

Dec 18- Favorite Christmas activity- I have to pick? I like everything, wrapping gifts, decorating the tree, shopping, baking, eating....but if I have to pick my favorite, I'd say carolling!!! It's been a tradition for the past 4 years for me and a group of friends to go carolling together, then come back to my house and have cookies and hot chocolate. Last year we went to see the lights at the ballpark. Sadly this year, I'll be in Canada when my friends come home from college, and by time I get back, Christmas is over and it's too late for carolling. I'm kind of disappointed, but still my favorite thing to do is sing Christmas songs!!!

Dec 19- Favorite person to buy for- I can't choose a favorite person, but my favorite group of people to buy for would be my friends. I love walking down the aisles at a store and picking out things that describe that person!

Dec 20- Favorite way to wrap a present-I like simple wrapping. I choose out a fun wrapping paper and make matching "tags" but cutting a square of paper and folding it in half. Sometimes I'll finish it off with a bow...but usually mine are nicely wrapped but simple.

Dec 21- Favorite Time of Christmas- I love the whole season and the hustle and bustle. But I especially love Christmas Eve. The church service, the excitement and anticipation, and the gifts...

Dec 22- Favorite part of Christmas Dinner- Eating it of course!!! My favorite food is the homemade stuffing.

Dec 23- Favorite Christmas Celebration- I love the big family get together, but usually it's so insane and I have a crazy family, so I prefer Christmas Eve when it's just the four of us.

Dec 24- Favorite Christmas Place- By the tree

Dec 25- Favorite Christmas Verse- Luke 2:13-14 "Suddenly a great company of heavenly hosts appeared with him praising God and saying, 'Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to all men on whom His favor rests'."

Dec 26- Favorite Christmas Tradition- Baking and setting up the villages.

Dec 27- Favorite Christmas Lights- Colorful ones :) We always have colored ones on our tree, my dad would rather have white, but the rest of us outnumber him! :)

Dec 28- Favorite Christmas Memory- Almost every year we go to Canada for Christmas and my favorite part is that after dinner, we stay around the table and sing Christmas carols as a big family.

Dec 29- Favorite Christmas Leftover- Turkey! Cold turkey is so yummy!

Dec 30- Favorite Time to Take Down Decorations- We usually take them down on the first. I got lucky today because I had to work, then I came home and slept, and by time I got up, it was all done!

Dec 31- Favorite Outdoor activity- Skiing....or snowball fights!


  1. I'm going to be doing this too - sounds like fun!

  2. Thanks so much for playing along Melissa! Hopefully we'll all have fun.

    I can't remember how that song goes - I'll have to keep an ear open for it!

  3. Oh Melissa - you crack me up! Misteltoe - that's good - I wish I'd have thought of that!

  4. Melissa, I am going to join this celebration. I copied what you wrote. Hope that is okay? I couldn't have written it better myself. Thanks for helping me post.
    It will be up sometime today.

  5. I finally got joined in too. I picked cookies baking for my smell too. Yum.

  6. I;ve never heard that song before, very nice tho.

  7. I love RED also and the shimmery the better!

  8. have you really been to romania? i live in bucharest, but im american and im a christian too. it would be neat to meet you.. are you coming to bucharest any time soon?
    dumnezeu te iubeste!!!!!!

  9. okay "anonymous"...I'd like to talk to you, however, you didn't leave your name or email or anything, so if you do, I'll write you back :)

  10. Wishing you a great Christmas Day!

    Here's to a wonderful holiday season and a great '08!

  11. I'm glad you had fun Melissa!

    Carino's is a GREAT restaurant. Italian food but way better than Carabba's or Olive Garden (in my humble opinion!) My favorite item is no longer on the menu but they'll still make it. It's called Penne Alfredo and it's penne noodles with alfredo sauce, tomatos, bacon and peas. You can also add mushrooms if you like their slimy horribleness. But all their food is good - enjoy! :)


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