11 January, 2008

So mad I could cry!

Well, actually I did :(
So my dad comes home for lunch today and says he talked to the guy about my car. It's not good news. Now they're saying that what they had previously done with replacing the ignition stuff wasn't what's wrong. They say it's something with the computer and wiring. Which apparently is going to cost more to fix than my car is worth. For those who haven't seen my car, it's in good condition and I love it, it's worth over $2000 I think. I can't imagine having another car. :( But what's frustrating is that they've been working on my car since Monday and just now decided to tell us that. So I probably already have a bill over $400 just for the hours they've spent on it. Plus, if I do end up having to get it fixed, it might be over $1000! Now, we have two garages in A-town. But my dad is upset with one of them because of some stupid thing, so he refused to take my car there (the more reputable place), so now he's getting upset with this place too, because they're mechanics, they should have figured it out earlier. But now he says we might take it somewhere else. Arg! Which then leads to, if the car is too expensive to fix, I have to get another one, which is more money and with paying for a mission trip, I don't really have extra money and......................................
It's most stressful for me because I depend on having my car. I have to drive to school next week, and if I don't have a car, that becomes a little difficult. It helps that on Monday and Wednesday Heather and I planned to take turns driving, so she can drive, that takes care of 2 days. Not to mention that I also have to work, and various other activities during the week. So now, I've survived (by being homebound) a week without my car, I don't know if I can do another. Why does this have to happen now? Pray for me...I need it right now because I'm about to breakdown...


  1. I am so sorry. I can totally relate to this, because we've had those nasty car surprises too. I'll pray for you - you know God cares about the big and little things in our lives and so he cares about what is going on with your car! You also have lots of friends who will help you. I'm sure Heather will help with driving to school. If I can ever give you a ride, I will too.

  2. Don't you just begin to hate cars. It can feel so stressful. These are the times I start to pray, "okay God What do I need to learn here". Ugh. I hope you get things worked out quickly.

  3. Ouch! I have often said I wish I was a mechanic. Talk about job security. They just fix things until they get it right. If I did that I would get fired! Anyway, I know how frustrating this is for you. Keep your eyes on Jesus and remember He NEVER breaks down.

  4. Melissa, I am very, very sorry about your car problems. We have had that kind of thing happen to us before and it is not pleasant. I will pray for you.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear that you are still having "car issues." I've been there, and it has made me cry, too! I'm praying for you...


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