26 December, 2007

Christmas '07

Wow! All that preparation and just like that Christmas is over and done for another year! Crazy isn't it? But it's worth it! Think of how long they prepared for Christ's birth, thousands of years...makes what we do seem so insignificant.

We made it home from Canada safely this afternoon. I drove home from the border which was nice because it gave me something to do :) We had a very good trip. Tomorrow harsh reality is going to hit when my alarm goes off at 4:10 to get up for work!!! Oh well....

Here's a few highlights from the trip...

We spent the day Saturday downtown Toronto. We got lunch at a Thai restaurant...delicious!

3 Generations. Mom, Me, and Grandma

My cousin Bradley aka Rudolph! :) I see him only once a year, but he really hit off with me and always wanted to be by me.

Grandma and Grandpa got a cell phone!

My cousins BethAnn and Nicole relaxing after dinner.

Also...thanks for all the input on what to get for the gift exchange! I bought a handheld Deal or No Deal. The gift I received is a stovetop expresso maker. But then my uncle felt bad for me because I don't drink coffee, so he gave me a bag of candy to go along with it :) I also got the movie Remember the Titans (one of my favorites!) from my grandparents.


  1. Welcome back! Glad you had a good time. I like the 3 generation picture. You should get a copy of it to your Grandma - bet she would love it.

  2. I'm glad you had so much fun Melissa! Also - it is so funny, but I can see your grandparents are Dutch from a mile away - they look like just all the Dutch grandparents I know! :)


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