23 December, 2007

In Canada

So here I Canada :) Amazing how I can still blog right? ;)
Anyway, we left on Friday afternoon and made it here Friday evening. Yesterday we spent the day walking around Toronto. We took the GO train in and walked and walked and walked. But we had a good time. I'll post some pictures when I get home. I can't use the internet on my laptop because my Grandpa doesn't have a router...but anyway.
Today we went to church, this morning was the children's program and tonight was the candle light service. I really really missed our service at Lighthouse though!!! And I'm terribly disappointed that I have to miss the candlelight service at church tomorrow night!
It's been raining all day here, but it's cold now and they say it will change to snow later on. I saw that we had some pretty nasty wind and such at home. I hope my house is still standing!!!
Anyway, I believe they're waiting for me to start a game upstairs, so I better go! Good night!


  1. Your home is still standing, but there are branches down around town and maybe a shingle or two blown off. It has been crazy and is also snowing. My drive in to work tomorrow may not be good!
    Say hi to your grandparents for me and tell your Grandpa we are praying for him. Our family wishes all of your family a Merry Christmas!

  2. Me again - you know I forget things because I am getting old (not as old as your Mom though!)
    I got that video posted on my blog tonight - thanks for your help!

  3. Merry Christmas, Melissa! Have fun in Canada and with your family!


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