16 December, 2007

Winter weather

Well, we got hit pretty well by old man winter last night. We have about 5 inches of snow at my house, and my friend said they have about 7 at his house, which is only 5 miles away! First service at church was cancelled this morning. I found out when I was about halfway thru getting ready. I had to be at church at 6:45 for praise team practice, but Chad called me and said first service was cancelled and practice would be at 8:45. So I went back to bed!! The service was packed and they had to keep on bringing in more chairs, which is a great problem to have!! Then tonight, we have our Christmas program, which I am super excited for! And I had a very nice surprise when I got home from church, I thought I would have to shovel the whole driveway, but a man from our church had come and plowed it, so now I just have to go do the sidewalks!! Thanks Jim!

I just got a phone call from my parents. They are around Findlay Ohio. I told them it was blue skies and sunny here, but it's blizzard conditions there. So I asked them why in the world they were still driving!?!? I check the radar for them, and it showed that the storm could be thru in about an hour or so, so I asked them to please find a mall or a store that they can wander thru to wait out the storm. Then my dad said that police were pulling people off the road because it was so bad...and they wanted to keep going!! Crazy family! Hopefully they will take my advice and stop for a while, better safe than sorry. If you could keep them in your prayers, that would be great!!!


  1. I hope they took your advice. I'll pray for safe travels. It was a pretty crummy drive in to work for me and Heather this morning, but looks good now!

  2. I am glad that you got to have church this morning and I hope all goes well with the program tonight. That Jim guy deserves some cookies and milk! Ha! Ha! Hope your parents get home safely!

  3. hey melissa!!
    just wanted to say hi and it was good to see you this morning. sorry we didnt get to chat much but i hope you have a great christmas!!! have a safe trip to canada and i will see you when you get back!!!

  4. Is that stubborn dutch blood or stubborn Kentuckian blood?! I'll be praying for them to get home safe.


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