16 December, 2007

Quick Update

My family arrived home safely around 5:40 this evening. They did take my advice and waited around Findlay for an hour. They said Ohio was a lot worse than Michigan, and the further west they came in Michigan, the less snow there was. So thank you for the prayers on their behalf.

The Christmas program tonight was wonderful!
Jennifer and Kim were two of the five amazing ladies who helped coordinate the whole thing. Great job! It was kind of interactive and responsive on the part of the audience. The kids chorus would sing the first verse of each song they did and then the audience would join in for the rest of the song. The narrarator (Jennifer) asked some thought provoking questions at the end of each little segment. There were some amazing solos done by two very good friends of mine...but I'll let Jennifer tell you more on that! It was a great night to celebrate the birth of our Saviour!


  1. Glad they made it home safely. The program was really nice and you are right - the solo's were great!

  2. I just love how the Lord works. We prayed so specifically for this program and he blessed it so much! The other ladies that organized it were Amy, Sherri & Tara. The solo's were wonderful!

  3. I am glad that you Christmas program went well. I would loved to have seen it!

    Because of the ice, I didn't get to church yesterday. BooHoo!

  4. Glad your family made it safely home - that was a lot of snow! I woke up and said "Wow - the weather people were actually right for once!"

    I'm glad the program went well too. Those are always fun!


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