11 December, 2007

Christmas surprises

Last night we had a congregational meeting at church. As I was walking out, Jennifer's husband, Mark, came and asked me where I was parked. I was parked near him so he said he'd walk with me because he had something for me. So I went to my car and he came up a minute later carrying a huge poinsettia, the most beautiful one I've ever seen. My parents were very impressed with it when I brought it home. "Someone must love you" my mom said. Thanks guys, I love you too! It makes a beautiful centerpiece on our table and accents what Zack calls our "very festively decorated home" :)

On Saturday night, I went out with a couple friends, Alyx and Jeremy, for our own little Christmas party. We were going to go to Biggby Coffee, but it was full of studying college students, so we decided to get drinks and go back to Jeremy's house. We had a little gift exchange and I got some really neat gifts! I gave them each a bag full of homemade Christmas foods. Jeremy said he couldn't come up with anything, so we told him to be creative. He got each of us everything a girl wants for Christmas: a stuffed animal (to cuddle with), candy necklaces and ring pops (who doesn't want jewelry), and a bag of Hershey's Hugs (chocolate and hugs!) And he said he couldn't be creative!!! Alyx made me a really cool vase which she decoupaged and covered with words that she thought described me. You can click on the pictures for a closer look.

I love all the excitment and joy of giving during this time of year!


  1. Sounds like a nice evening Melissa! I've also gotten flowers from Mark. It is fun!

  2. That is a beautiful pointsettia!
    I'm impressed with your other gifts- they are both very creative.
    This is a great time of year!

  3. Those are neat gifts!
    I love Mark's flowers! He is very generous that way!

  4. Very pretty flowers and a very cool and unique vase! That's a great way to give something of yourself without spending a lot of money.

  5. That sounds so fun! And the poinsettia is beautiful! And your gifts sound great too. The vase is very creative - and special too!

  6. Melissa, I like your header of you and your family. It is Beautiful! You have a nice family.

    That family who gave you the poinsettia is a nice family too. If it weren't so cold in Michigan, I would like to live up there too.

    WE are getting an ice storm tomorrow then a bigger storm on the weekend.

  7. That vase is a really neat idea - there will probably be some personalized vases showing up in our future.


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