28 December, 2007

On this date in 1988....

...another baby entered the world. That baby was me... Melissa Jane. At the time we lived in New Mexico, as my parents were missionaries on an Indian Reservation. The day was very similar to today. Right now it is snowing like crazy. When I was born, my parents had to drive through the snow up the mountains to the hospital! But I arrived safely, at 4:14 in the morning.
This morning, I received breakfast in bed. It's a tradition we've done for as long as I can remember. We get to choose the meals for the day. So I had cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I expected the Pillsbury ones, but my mom made them!!! Yummy... Then I went out with my friends Alyx and Jeremy, we went to Panera Bread. Then back to Jeremy's house where we baked a cake. We got a call that a friend was stuck in the median by BK, so we drove down there, but she was stuck pretty good, we needed a tow truck. Now I'm home, supposedly cleaning my room, but actually checking blogs. :) For supper we will have Chicken and Rice casserole and yeast rolls. Alecia is coming over after dinner, and we'll probably watch a movie (hmm....Remember the Titans?) and hang out for a while. I'll try to update later with some pictures.


  1. A very Happy Birthday to you Melissa! Do you realize that you were born 6 count them 6 years after I graduated High School?! Boy do I feel old!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday again - glad you are having a good day!

  3. Happy Birthday- sounds like you're having a great day.
    Love Remember the Titans- should be a fun night too!

  4. Happy Birthday Melissa!!!!!!


  5. Happy Birthday, Melissa! I sent you an e-card so be sure to pick it up in your e-mail.

    It was so interesting to read about the day you were born. I bet you were a beautiful PAPOOSE!

    Today is our second son's birthday as well.

  6. Happy "belated" birthday, Melissa!! I hope your day was wonderful!!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I hope you had a really great day!! :)

  8. Happy 19th Birthday Melissa! I hope you had a great day. I had no idea that your parents were missionaries on an Indian Reservation! That is amazing! I'm glad they're not there anymore though, because then we never would have known your family! :)

  9. oh no I feel like a slacker! I missed your very important day. I am glad to see you enjoyed yourself!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Even though it was last year. chuckles.



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