12 December, 2007

Exams are upon us...

...well, at least they're upon me. Hopefully you're not feeling the stress of exams. Actually, it's not quite as stressful as I've imagined, I think people play it out to be more so. Finals week doesn't technically begin until next Monday. However, in my Hospitality Management class, our final is simply our last chapter test. So my professor decided to have the exam on the last day of class so we don't have to come in during exam week. Yay! And even better, he drops our lowest test score, so because i've scored above 95% on all my other exams, I'm not too worried about this test, because it won't count anyway. Which gives me more time to study for more important Business Statistics. My exam in this class is also tomorrow. It will be a lot harder, and I've been doing a lot of review problems. The only problem is, there's only 2 questions on the test. One has multiple (7) parts, but still, it's worth 100 points, so if you mess up at the beginning it could hurt the entire problem! Nothing like adding a bit of stress! So I think I've done about as much as I can for the night, it's late, and I think my nice warm bed sounds pretty good right now! And as for tomorrow, there's a silver lining around the clouds...because when I finish my exams, I get to sell my books back and get some money back!!! :)


  1. Good luck on your exams. I have no doubt that you'll pass them all with flying colors.

    And you can use that money to treat yourself to lunch or something!

  2. I always loved to sell the books back again, although you never get anywhere NEAR the amount you paid for them but at least you get some of it back!

  3. I know you'll do great with your exams. I hope you do good with your bokks, but I know my kids usually didn't get much back.

  4. Doesn't it feel good to be about completed. Katelyn finishes today and will be home until 2nd semester. Hope all your exams go well!

  5. Hope your exams go well and I hope you get a lot of money back from your books. Make sure you celebrate after the exams!

  6. Good Luck- I have every faith that you will do great!


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