05 December, 2007

An interesting encounter

Is it okay to tell a lie...sometimes? Let me know what you think after reading about my interesting encounter.
So...I got to school on Wednesday at 8:45 only to find out that my 9:00 class was cancelled. So I went up to the student lounge to wait it out until Heather would come to meet me for lunch at 11. I was doing some homework and blogging and on Facebook and stuff. Suddenly someone tapped me on my shoulder, I expected it to be Heather. I turned around to find...some guy I've never seen before. Our conversation went something like this (my thoughts/actions are in italics)...
Guy: Whatcha doing?
Me: Homework.
G: name is....
M: I'm Melissa shakes his hand
G: So, are you a first year student?
M: Yes By now, I'm assuming that this is some kind of survey or something for a class
G: What classes are you taking?
M: Government, Spanish, Statistics purposefully leaving out a few...
G: What do you like to do in your free time? WHY are you asking me all these questions?!?!?
M: I don't really have much free time.
G: Oh, do you work then?
M: Yes
G: Where?
M: At a nursing home No way am I telling him which one!
G: (After inappropriately discussing nursing homes) So, if you had spare time, what do you like to do?
M: Hang out with friends, watch movies Okay, you're really starting to creep me out. Frantically looking around the room trying to make eye contact with someone to come bail me out.
G: What kind of movies?
M: Pretty much anything
G: So you like porn?
M: No. I don't. Thoroughly disgusted now creeped out.
G: Well, you said you liked all movies...that qualifies
M: I think you knew what I meant. I like action movies. Sick, you're freaking me out. Leave me alone!!!!
G:'re the first girl I know to say she likes action movies. Sure I am... So...are you seeing anybody?
M: Finally!!! A way out!!! Kind of.
G: Is it serious?
M: Well, we spend a lot of time together and stuff. FYI: this is where I'm lying, I don't have a boyfriend, or a "special someone"!
G: Well, if you go to any Christmas parties, you make sure to get him under the mistletoe, because that will make him want something more serious! Ok...whatever...please go away now.
M: Nervous laugh.
G: Okay...I guess I'll see you around then... He leaves...patting me on the back
M: Uh huh I hope not. And by this time I'm literally shaking and wondering if no-one noticed how strange this guy was acting and why I couldn't find someone to bail me out.

So...was I wrong to tell him I was seeing someone? Honestly, he was kind of creepy, and I had my laptop and books and stuff spread out, so I couldn't really just get up and walk away, and I needed a way out!!!!


  1. oh hunny! You should have told him after the "what classes are you taking" question that you aren't comfortable answering that because you didn't know him or tell him you are kinda busy right now. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS if you were feeling uncomfortable end the conversation even if it means coming off rude. You would rather apologize later if he turns out to be alright than have some weirdo knowing more about you than he should. And if he was a gentlemen he wouldn't have asked such nasty questions like the porn one so who cares if you are rude to him.

  2. Melissa, I am so sorry that you had to experience that situation. I agree with Jen. These day's it is better to come off rude. He definately didn't sound like anyone that you would want around at all. I understand why you did what you did though, when cornered sometimes we just react.

  3. I totally agree. He was completely inappropriate and creepy. If your gut is telling you somethings not right- trust it. You did the right thing by doing whatever it takes to get yourself out of that situation!

  4. What a creep! It's hard to get rid of people like that. Now that it happened though, I guess you will be a little better prepared if it ever happens again. (Hope it never does though!)

  5. Ewwwww, he sounds disgusting. Yup, you gotta trust your instincts. Too bad if you come off rude, those were not appropriate questions.

  6. Ohhhhh I so agree with all the comments. Many years ago I was cornered by a panhandler in Charlotte. I was attending a Billy Graham Seminar. I was on the second floor of this hotel and there were people all around who were attending the same seminar so I FULLY didn't expect to be confronted right in the middle of all these Christians. He sat there and talked and laughed with me and I don't remember him saying anything inappropriate but at the end he told me this big SOB Story and I caved in and gave him money. Now as I look back, I remember other people staying at a distance. They were not so naive as I was. I thought he was one of the Christians.

    Sometimes our surroundings give us a sense of safety that we really don't have. If he would have come up to you on the street corner, you probably would have RUN!

    My "motherly" advice to you is just flat out tell them, I don't give out information to strangers.

    YEA, BE RUDE! But BE SAFE! Don't worry about the lie thing. You were put into a corner. You did fine! The next time it happens, take your book and WHACK him over the head! Just kidding! But be careful, dear friend!

  7. Of course that's fine! There is a big difference between lying to gain something or to be deceitful, and lying to keep from getting kidnapped!

    I'm sorry you had to experience that!

    When I worked at the hardware as a cashier, this really creepy guy I went to school with would always come in and hang out by the counter, so when my Dad would see that, he woul page me to go to the office and have one of the other cashiers tell him I was getting in trouble because he was there! Sneaky, maybe, but it worked! :)

  8. I know you are concerned about doing the right thing; you don't want to lie and disappoint God. If you are feeling badly about the lie, just pray and talk to God about it.

    I don't know where you go to school, but it might be a good idea to tell someone in authority about this. (Director of your dorm, campus police,etc..) He might have approached other girls as well. It seems like everyone that responded to you had a story. I have a few, too. I agree that you shouldn't have answered any questions. Now, you know. You might also tell someone where you work not to give out any information about you. I'm generally trusting of most people, but as a Mom, I know that there are some people out there who do not have your best interest in mind.
    Take care. ----Myra


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