05 December, 2007

Of mice and....toilets?

So you're probably wondering what these two things have in common.... or maybe you're not, but i'll tell you anyway...
I was heading to take a shower last night. Went into the bathroom, and there floating in the toilet was a mouse!!!! Obviously, this was one of my brother's "pet" mice. So I called him and asked why he had thrown a mouse in my toilet. According to him, he didn't put it had ESCAPED from it's cage earlier and apparently fell into the toilet! So he reached into the toilet and took it out. I went back in my bathroom, and he'd thrown it in the garbage can! It can't just stay and rot there! So finally he ended up just throwing my garbage out for me. But I'm a little freaked out that there was a mouse running around my house and he never thought to warn us, in case something fuzzy decided to join us in bed or something!


  1. Melissa - this is disgusting! I would not have been happy to see this either! I think he should have warned you.

  2. I am rolling on the floor laughing! This is soooooo funny! When I saw your picture, I was sure you had copied it from some place on the internet in order to make a point, but little did I know there was a REAL story coming up and this was the REAL CREATURE! I would have FREAKED OUT!

  3. OH MY GOSHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I would have totally freaked out!!!!! Our boys have a hamster and one time he got out and went under their bed and I was going INSANE!!!! Words were coming out of my mouth that I didn't even realize - right in front of my kids!! I was totally shaking and had to call Jason home from work to catch him!! I now have books stacked up on both sides of the cage top so he will definitely never get out again!! You are so much calmer and braver than me.

  4. I would have been screaming! I hote mice dead or alive. They end up in the pool scimmer sometimes, dead, and I leave that for Mark. And then to dump it in the trash!?!?!? Boys! I don't have to worry about that because they just wouldn't be allowed in my house.

  5. I am so scared of mice! That would have totally freaked me out! We had mice in our basement a few years back, and I didn't even go downstairs for months!

    That is disgusting. I would have been freaking. Years ago- we had a mouse run through our living room. I high-tailed it over to Mari's house and stayed there until Mark got home to take care of it!

  7. I hate mice. They seem to love my house though, in spite of 3 cats!! Chelsea's cat usually ends up killing them and leave them in her room as a gift to her. We wait for Dave to come to carry it out. Yuck.
    (Although I did kill one last year by running it over with the piano - long story; ask Heather. She might know)

  8. Oh yuck!! Why do brothers do these things?

    When I was babysitting at Mark and Cheri's once, a sick mouse wandered in the kitchen and just stood there swaying like he was about to pass out. So I grabbed a tupperware bowl, stuck it over him and called my dad!


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